Thursday, 16 November 2017

Wet Paint - forest mage

Allow me to introduce: Cairion sul Viridis, Master of Bough, Leaf and Crown, Keeper of the Azure Flame and Guardian of the Furthest Reaches:

I am (slowly) building a fantasy force with a forest theme, and this guy will be its commander, and he might even show up in my roleplaying campaign. I have no idea where I got the figure -- it was of some boutique fantasy miniature webshop somewhere. All I know is that the figure came in two parts (the main body and the hands and upper part of the staff) and is in resin. If anybody recognises the figure, give a yell :).

Ah yes -- the little guy sitting in front of him is his familiar Fred. He's a fungus. Fred the Familiar Fungus, as it were :)

Update: I found where I got the figure. He's the Scibor Miniatures elf mage.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wet Paint: IR 30 - De Ligne

These guys have been on my painting table for so long that they have featured as background for numerous 'wet paint' shots, but here they are finally finished. These are Austrian Infantry Regiment 30 De Ligne. I chose these to paint because they recruited in what was later to become Belgium but was then the Austrian Netherlands. I also lived very close to a Prince De Ligne street back in my Leuven days, so there's some connection there as well :). The figures are Perry plastics and the flag is from Maverick Models.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Lesser Orcs of the Red Eye

As part of our Crisis 2017 game, we painted up vintage fantasy figures that were around when Warhammer 1st edition was published (1983).

We showed some Minifigs Forest Orcs before, but didn't show these "Lesser Orcs of the Red Eye" yet. They were originally released by Custom Cast in 1975, and later by Der Kriegspielers.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Saxons intercept Romano-British supply convoy - mayhem ensues

This game was played a while ago at my place, before Crisis somewhere in October. It was an Ancients game using my Romano-British and Saxon/hairy barbarian collections in a scenario from one of CS Grants excellent scenario books. The scenario was 'Wagon train' and involved the Romano-British attempting to get a wagon train of supplies to a hill fort while the Saxons must prevent this. The rules used were Hail Caesar. Phil played the Saxons, I played the Romano-British. Scroll down past the photos for the result of the game :).

The game ended in a Saxon victory, after the Saxons broke the final Romano-British unit between them and the wagon train -- the comitatus itself. During the game, it looked like the Romano-British cavalry would sweep all before them, but they took to long to recover from a breakthrough and march back to the main battle to prevent more Saxon infantry to break through the comitatus and capture the wagon train. Oh well :)

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Game for Crisis 2017: Oldhammer WFB1 scenario, Ziggurat of Doom (7)

Finally, we ran our Oldhammer 1st edition game at CRISIS. The raw photographs are shown below.

We followed the original scenario "The Ziggurat of Doom" quite literally, although each side rolled a D6 at the start of the turn for reinforcements. A natural 6 resulted in an additional monster, by drawing a card from the deck. This was a gimmick to bring out some of the old monster miniatures, but was quite fun.A Balrog could also appear from the depths of the Ziggurat, ending the game immediately.

Overall, the game ran pretty smooth, although we were a bit surprised by how clunky some of the mechanics are compared to modern tastes. E.g. at the start of of every turn, we had to roll for stupidity of troops, roll for Jabberwock effects, roll for going into or out of Frenzy, etc. It was all very entertaining though.

The best part of the game was that many older gamers passed by, and started chatting about the "good old days of fantasy wargaming" and "games were so much better when we were young". Although this is nostalgia at work (and one tends to forget all the boring games we had back then as well), it is exactly one of the effects a game such as this is aiming for.

We also had some younger players passing by asking how this is different from 8th edition and Age of Sigmar. To which my non-informed answer invariably was: It's still the same set of rules! :-)

The pictures - all taken with my iPad:

General overview of the table.
... another general overview.
Thorgrimm Branedimm is defending the gate to the Ziggurat.
A few of the quick referene cards, to facilitate looking up statistics.
The vintage miniatures drew the most attention. We tried to have miniatures that were all pre-1983 (and thus would have been available when Warhammer was first published), but a few dated from the mid-80s.
The origin of each miniature was also listed on its reference card. The Treeman is scratch-built (see earlier blogposts ...)
Although I brought only a small collection of my Oldhammer monsters, I aimed for the most iconic ones that would be recognized by most veteran gamers.
Guthnog Bristlenose charging in a Frenzied mode Sigrud Slendershank, one of the Dwarf defenders.
One of the random reinforcements, a Jabberwock, came to aid the goblins, We found out during the game that under the original rules, a Jabberwock is invincible.
Goblins storming th Ziggurat. The dwarf player could choose the direction from which the goblins entered, so he choose the side where the Ziggurat had no stairs ...
A giant eagle lurking in the woods.
More action around the Ziggurat.
Guthnog Bristlenose fighting with Thorgrimm Branedimm on the first level of the Ziggurat. This run of the game ended after Guthnog was slain.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Some more figures painted

I finished a couple of figures over the weekend.

First. some retro scifi miniatures from Hydra Miniatures:

Saturnite Infantry from Blue Moon Manufacturing:

2 Chaos creatures from Eureka Miniatures, and "Dulle Griet", a promotional figure from the CRISIS convention in Antwerp:

And finally, some Victorian Horror figures: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Jack the Ripper, and a ghost Lady. Manufacturer unknown ...

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Game for Crisis 2017: Oldhammer WFB1 scenario, Ziggurat of Doom (5)

As part of the "Ziggurat of Doom" scenario during CRISIS 2017, my plan is to pimp the scenario a bit and allow for the appearance of random monsters, which can align to either side. I selected a few of my 80s-era miniatures, which also have entries in the WFB1 rulebook.

The cards listing the statistics, and which will be used during the game, are shown below.

Game for Crisis 2017: Oldhammer WFB1 scenario, Ziggurat of Doom (4)

In preparation of our Crisis 2017 game (a replay of the scenario "The Ziggurat of Doom"'using Warhammer 1st edition rules), I decided to make some cards as a quick reference to the various statistics of troops involved. SInce the whole idea is also to use vintage miniatures, a photograph and some info of each of the miniatures is included on the cards as well.

Below you see the cards for the Goblins that will attack the Ziggurat.

Some items from the recycling shop

I scored a few items at the local recycling shop (""kringloopwinkel" in Dutch) this weekend. Apparantly they had a sale, and managed to get a large number of train sets. There wasn't too much that could be used for wargaming purposes (most of the sets were modern trains), but I bought a few items, shown below. Two freight cars, and a hay wagon, both in HO scale.